Who We Are

DA made in Russia is a fashion show, lovers who are entrenched in all entertainment genres globally with the sole purpose of creating awareness about Russian designer established artists who are not only passionate about creating, entertaining but are also committed to pushing traffic to it.

DA made in Russia was established by a group of enthusiasts who believe that fashion should not be ignored, but rather embraced as an art that promotes freedom of expression which stimulates the mind and galvanizes people to self-awareness and consciousness.

Tony Federico is a filmmaker and photographer, a trusted person in the fashion industry from Milan to Paris, with a team of young,creative, dynamic & dedicated professionals, we have pushed all areas of event management to new frontiers, whether it is artist management, product launch, Exhibition, Fashion show, & celebrity management. The urge to deliver more than the expectations has always been our top priority. For any and every requirement to our wide spectrum of clients. Always our motto will be made in Russia. This show will feature business-appropriate attire geared toward young female and male professionals.

The goal of DA made in Russia show is to model  business-appropriate apparel for young female and male professionals. We believe confidence in physical appearance at interviews, occasion, or any activities directly correlates to success in the workforce. Therefore, providing young women with examples of stylish yet appropriate attire will improve their confidence in appearance and improve their success in the business world.

Design— DA made in Russia products are designed to have meaning, and to 'hit home' with the consumer. Tony Federico performs extensive design evaluation and testing to assure that their products bring forth the intended response.

Connect— DA made in Russia products create a strong emotional connection with the customer. This emotional connection happens when the purchaser identifies with the product design, while at the same time recognizing the other unique qualities of the gift.

Sell— DA made in Russia drives sales through the impulse purchase made by the consumer when a product elicits an emotional response. The purchaser develops an instantaneous personal attachment to the product. The desire to share this attachment with the gift recipient is what drives the impulse purchase.

The combination of these three concepts creates a powerful driving force that is DA made in Russia Fashion Designs.

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